Jeffrey Greenberg

Builder of Products & Platforms.
An innovative technology leader with an artful sensibility.

Career Summary

I'm a bit of the mad-genius type with NEA grants (yes, that's experimental art) as well as UNIX internals, distributed operating systems, medical imaging patents, and networking stacks. I've explored many roles rather than an "ever-growing responsibility" career narrative. So I've gone from deep technology consulting, to being the CIO managing 225+ people and 3.5bn revenue, and then on to being a startup leader writing code for a sentiment analysis AI. (Turns out being a CEO is not the best fit for me.)

I've innovated products and technologies, and delivered them in a variety of markets. These innovations have been patented and recognized by journals and industry leaders.

My interests are in products that do good, primarily related to Medical technology and problems in Social technology. My skills are in product and technology innovation, as well as, leadership and product delivery.

I'm looking to run teams creating, delivering, and operating great services related to medicine, healthcare, or space and probably involving Deep Learning and Big Data. These might have the title of CTO, or VP or Director of Engineering.


Work History

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Recent Roles

VP Engineering – PeerWell (2016-present) Medical, AI, Analytics
CTO – Bridgecrest Medical (2015-2016) IoT, Wearables, Medical, Analytics
CTO, Founder – Lines Puzzle Game (2013-present) Mobile game
CTO, Founder – (2009-2015) Real-time Analytics at scale.
Exit: sold

CTO – (2007-8) Education. Social.
Consulting CTO – Inventivity (1999-present) Consulting CTO, Product & Systems building. Clients: Siri (pre-Apple), Aon/Hewitt, Scient, Rovi, …
CIO – Liberty Travel (2005-2006) $3.5bn rev. packaged travel & travel PAAS



• Acuson / Siemens (1996-99)
• Verizon / NYNEX (1993-1996)
• NewTools, Inc. (1991-94)
• Bell Laboratories, … (pre-91)




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Artistic Recognition

Art + Technology


  • MFA & BA: Bioengineering & Visual Art, University of California, San Diego (UCSD).
  • Multiple academic honors and scholarships.

Leadership, Volunteering & Open Source


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Innovations & Patents

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I worked at Acuson Corp., maker of state-of-the-art diagnostic ultrasound and now a division of Siemens. As the team leader, I was instrumental in the product development, design and delivery of a Java-based medical application, dubbed WebPro. This system allowed physicians, for the first time, to review ultrasound examinations over the Internet. WebPro ultimately became an entire line of products for Acuson.

Lorem IpsumCisco chairman John Chambers recognized this achievement in not only the Cisco quarterly report, and in his keynote speech at a health industry conference, but also in a demonstration with then Vice President Al Gore and visiting high government officials from Russia. [_Press_Release_]

“With new internet applications such as [the] WebPro package, health care professionals can use Internet technology to make online medical assessments for patients 24 hours a day, delivering cost-effective ultrasound diagnosis anywhere the physician is located.”
— John Chambers, CEO Cisco

I also had the chance to do some unique research with voice and touch interfaces for improving medical workstation products, and research into reducing speckle on ultrasound images. I was awarded a sole patent US6514201 for this interface work, and a patent US6511426 as a co-inventor for the medical imaging enhancement work.

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Early in my career, I was fortunate enough to have invented and commercialized one of the first “drag and drop” interfaces for Windows. Even before Microsoft itself was able to accomplish it. It was an entirely new product category in which many players followed.


Here’s what was said at the time:
“WinTools offers the most powerful tools for customizing the Windows desktop that PC Week Labs has tested…”
—PC Week

“A revolutionary revamping of the way Windows works and looks!
...You’ll love WinTools.”

—PC Magazine

“WinTools is the most gracefully graphical way to work in Windows…
Get Wintools. It’s great stuff.”

—Computer Shopper

“If you’re a Windows fanatic, you’ll love it…”
—From John Dvorak

Advances in Operating Systems: Fault-tolerant, distibuted UNIX

I helped design and implement large parts of the Auragen fault-tolerant operating system based on UNIX. From this early distributed and fault-tolerant system we learned many lessons that are relevant today: the advantages and challenges of using thousands of computers for large computing tasks and reliable operations. This paper was an important computer science paper with more than 300 citations. Our work there was important as one of the first pure software solutions to operating systems fault-tolerance through parallelism and loosely synchronized computers. The system competed with Tandem and Stratus's approaches, and was ultimately sold to Siemens.

I worked on implementing about 90% of UNIX system calls and implemented an early virtual memory paging implementation. It was also great experience for working close to the metal and having a very deep understanding of software and systems. I worked closely with Anita Borg who later worked passionately on opportunities for women in technology.


Embracing Change and Innovation

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