Shareware release dates for Aporia

The software was released on a number of bulletin board sites that were available at the time. (BBS). These are no longer available today, but some of their indexes have been recorded and even the software preseverd.

The dates for the uploads are typically preserved in the file listings, and based on an internet search as of 7/2010, I found some examples which I've preserved below

When I uploaded a new version of Aporia, I typically removed or overwrote earlier versions with the newer ones so that users would not get confused. This has made it difficult to show when the first releases occured, since many of the BBS's have the last or near last version of Aporia (1.4b or 1.4c). The .03 or .04 releases, which were the first public releases are harder to find now.


Excerpted listing:

                Windows: Miscellaneous
51MACROS.ZIP    39,727  03/09/92  Collection of Word Perfect for Windows 3.1 Macros
ALM101.ZIP     145,786  10/17/90  Windows 3.0 calendar program.
ALMANAC.ZIP    148,822  01/18/91  Windows 3.0 !Great calendar program
APORIA.ZIP      63,821  07/05/89  Windows customization program. Nice.
ATLAS.ZIP      119,714  06/22/91  Windows 3.0 Atlas program
BART_S.ZIP      11,895  04/24/90  Bart Simpson wallpaper for Windows 3.0
BCKMN139.ZIP    25,531  03/01/91  Backmenu, Pop-up menu for Windows 3.0!
BIORYT.ZIP      18,311  01/18/88  Read Biorythm charts for Windows 3.0
BMP1.ZIP         6,000  05/22/90  BMP's for windows 3.0
CHECKE.ZIP      16,579  08/20/90  Checkers for Windows
CHKBK6.ZIP      66,518  06/16/90  Checkbook manager program
CLICK30.ZIP     26,520  05/26/90  Archive manager for Windows 3.0
CMDP62.ZIP      74,109  04/10/89  Command post informational for Windows


Full listing


Final Shareware Release

ALM104.ARJ     138,762  02-Apr-91  (07) WINDOWS 3.0 NEW ALMANAC
AMFONTS.ARJ     35,149  27-Aug-92  (07) AM Fonts
APDCK400.ARJ    55,757  21-Dec-92  (06) Button-bar loader program for windows
                                        31 . icon, sounds. Very easy to use.
APOR14C.ARJ    210,152  19-Jul-91  (03) Aporia 1.4c shell for Windows. Use it
                                        as a replacement for Program Manager or
                                        as a separate application (nice
APORIA14.ARJ   198,821  19-Mar-91  (02) Program manager for Windows
ARCHV3.ARJ     263,796  10-Jul-91  (03) Archive shell (requires windows)
ATMOID.ARJ       9,490  19-Jan-91  (19) Asteroids for Windows
AUDIO-PC.EXE    22,312  05-Jul-92  (39) Windows 3.1 Audio-PC Speaker Driver